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Discarded gum ruining our streets, says Jamie Oliver

By Adam Sherwin

Jamie Oliver has called for a Singapore-style ban on chewing gum in public after accusing people who spit it out of making Britain look like a "bomb site".

"I'd ban chewing gum until they can invent one that doesn't make every street in Britain look like a bomb site," the restaurateur said.

The celebrity chef (39) also wants age restrictions on energy drinks and measures to encourage breastfeeding, including a ban on adverts for follow-up formula.

His plea to end gum-infested streets echoes measures taken in Singapore, where a ban was introduced in 1992 after vandals prevented doors on the country's $5bn Mass Rapid Transit railway system opening and shutting by sticking gum over sensors.

It is believed 28 million Britons chew gum, spending £400m a year. There are an estimated 250,000 pieces of it caking Oxford Street in London, and the annual clean-up bill has been estimated at £150m. Some councils spend £200,000 a year removing gum with high-powered hoses.

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