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Discrimination in the workplace is rife, managers’ survey finds

More than four in five women said they had witnessed gender-discriminatory acts at work.

Gender discrimination in the workplace (Philip Toscano/PA)
Gender discrimination in the workplace (Philip Toscano/PA)

Discrimination in workplaces is “rife”, with bosses doing little to tackle the problem, a new study shows.

More than four in five women and 80% of men say they have witnessed gender-discriminatory acts at work, according to the Chartered Management Institute.

Its survey of 856 managers found that only one in four said their peers and senior leaders actively championed gender initiatives.

The lack of action cascades down the ranks, with only 19% of junior and middle managers believing their senior leaders were committed to the target of gender balance in their organisations.

CMI issued a “wake-up call” to business leaders to promote gender diversity in the workplace.

Most organisations are struggling to make a meaningful difference to achieving a gender-balanced workplace, said the CMI.

Chief executive Ann Francke said: “Gender-balanced companies financially far outperform their peers.

“While we’re starting to see change, progress is stuttering. Employers have great intentions but our report shows there’s still a yawning gap between the rhetoric and the reality of work for too many women.

“Leaders and their managers need to fix the ‘broken windows’ – the range of everyday biased attitudes, actions and practices that make possible the bigger systemic problems that women face.

“Only then will organisations build inclusive cultures where women, other minorities, and men, can thrive.”

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