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Dissident terror threat to Britain 'moderate' despite parcel bombs

The threat to Britain from
The threat to Britain from "Northern Ireland-related terrorism" is moderate, security officials have said

By Margaret Davis

The threat to Britain from "Northern Ireland-related terrorism" is moderate, security officials have said.

The MI5 assessment comes after a group calling itself the IRA admitted responsibility for parcel bombs sent to major transport hubs in Britain last week.

It also said one parcel, sent to an Army recruitment officer, may not have been discovered yet.

The group said it posted five devices to addresses in Britain. However, only four have been discovered.

The claim was received on Monday by The Irish News using a recognised codeword.

The packages that arrived at Waterloo railway station and offices at Heathrow and London City Airports on March 5 and 6 were posted with Irish stamps and had Dublin as the return address, prompting Irish police to join the investigation.

The senders' addresses were given as Dublin, with two having added coach operator Bus Eireann.

According to MI5, Northern Ireland terrorism presents a "moderate" risk to the rest of the UK, meaning "an attack is possible but not likely".

It added the threat to Northern Ireland and its citizens from Northern Ireland-related terrorism is severe.

MI5 is responsible for setting the threat levels from Irish and other domestic terrorism in both Northern Ireland and in Britain. The current threat level has been in place and unchanged since March 2018.

Threat level is gauged by a number of factors including available intelligence, terrorist capability and terrorist intentions. The Metropolitan Police said the public should remain vigilant.

"Extensive advice has already been issued to relevant businesses and sectors to be vigilant for and report suspicious packages to police," a statement said.

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