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DJ Moyles in on-air rant over pay

Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles has hit out at his BBC bosses in an extraordinary rant on his breakfast show, accusing them of "a huge lack of respect" and revealing he had not been paid since July.

Moyles told listeners he was "very, very angry" about the situation and said he thought about not coming in to present the show.

He said the corporation could not "be bothered" to pay him and told listeners: "Why should I come in? It's a two-way street. What annoys me is the fact I mentioned it to people this week. Fix it, just get it fixed. It's a huge lack of respect and a massive FU to me."

Moyles said BBC bosses would not treat other broadcasters in the same way, saying: "Can you imagine if Terry Wogan had not got paid for two months, would you even think that would ever happen? It just wouldn't, would it?

"Do you ever think anyone would forget to pay Chris Evans for two months and nobody would panic about it?"

Moyles continued talking for around half-an-hour without playing any records.

He also criticised listeners who texted the show to complain about his diatribe.

In response to one text claiming he should be grateful to be well paid and to have a private driver, Moyles said: "You know nothing about my life. And by the way, what, because I get paid more than you that means if I don't get paid for two months I should just go 'oh well'?

"And by the way, I slept on someone's sofa last night so don't speak to me about my life, you have no idea, my friend. If you really have a problem with that, I'm telling you now I'll pay your licence fee and you can switch off and listen to someone else. Go and read the Daily Mail."

A BBC spokeswoman said there had been a problem with a computer and the payments were being processed.


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