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DLT bailed in sex abuse inquiry

DJ Dave Lee Travis has been bailed again by police investigating the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal.

The former Radio One presenter denied groping two women in BBC studios when he was held in November and said that, in the past, tactile behaviour was regarded as "giving somebody a cuddle".

Travis, 67, has taken great pains to distance himself from Savile and stressed the allegations against him have "nothing to do with kids" and are not linked to the disgraced TV presenter.

He spoke out in the wake of his arrest to say he had been accused of "squeezing the boobs of a couple of women" - something he vigorously denied.

The DJ - known as DLT - was held at 7.45am on November 15 and later released on bail. He is alleged to have put his hand up one woman's skirt and "jiggled" the breasts of another.

The Magic AM presenter was taken off air by the radio station's owners when the claims emerged. He has now been granted bail for a second time and ordered to return to a police station on an unspecified date in March, Scotland Yard said.

Protesting his innocence outside his home in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, last year, he said he did not want his name associated with "bloody evil" child abuse.

He said: "So let's get down to brass tacks here - the first thing is I've been talking to the police about sexual... I can't even remember what the word is now - in the old days it was called 'putting your arm around somebody and giving them a cuddle' but nowadays God knows.

"But anyway, I was accused of 'squeezing the boobs of a couple of women'. So the point I want to make here is that none of the things I've been talking to the police about, or have talked to them about, is to do with children."

Police are looking at three strands within their inquiry: claims against Savile, those against Savile and others, and those against others. Most of the allegations relating to "others" have been made against people associated with the entertainment industry, including ex-glam rocker Gary Glitter and comedian Freddie Starr.


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