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Double recovery for amazing cat

A cat has used up two of her proverbial nine lives after surviving a serious traffic accident and an airgun attack which left her with some of the worst injuries vets had seen.

The veterinary charity PDSA said the unlucky animal, named Tinsel, made remarkable recoveries after both incidents near her owner's home in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire.

Four-year-old Tinsel was taken to the PDSA's Petaid hospital in Stoke-on-Trent last year after being shot and underwent a two-hour emergency operation to remove two pellets and repair severe damage to her internal organs.

A year later the cat suffered a fractured pelvis when she was run over by a vehicle, forcing vets to repair her broken bones with a metal plate.

Tinsel's owner, 55-year-old Tim Gamble, said the hardy pet had not been deterred from venturing outdoors by either incident.

Mr Gamble, who was twice warned by vets to expect the worst, said: "She really is remarkable - to look at her you wouldn't know anything had happened to her.

"She's lucky to be alive after getting into two such serious scrapes."

Describing his pet, Mr Gamble added: "She's very much an outdoor cat. She doesn't really play with toys or laze around in a cat bed - she just loves to explore.

"I just hope she's learnt a lesson or two and stays out of trouble in future."

Tinsel spent nine days recovering at the PDSA's premises after the first incident, which caused injuries with one of the charity's vets said were among the worst she had ever seen.


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