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Dreamliner shows off amazing climb

Remarkable footage shows a large passenger plane taking off in a near-vertical climb.

The incredible manoeuvre was performed by cockpit crew at the controls of a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

Normally the plane would have upwards of 280 passengers on board and would ease into the air at a far less dramatic angle.

But with no passengers or luggage aboard, the crew were able to show off the aircraft's capabilities in a rehearsal for similar dramatic flying to be performed by the plane at next week's Paris Air Show.

Flown in the colours of the aircraft's customer, Vietnam Airlines, the plane was put through its paces above Moses Lake in America's Washington state.

This new Dreamliner, seen as one of the most environmentally friendly of large passenger planes, follows the Boeing 787-8.

More than 500 of the 787-9s have been ordered by 30 customers.

The 787-9 is just one of the 38,000 new planes that world airlines are expected to order over the next 20 years, according to a forecast this week by Boeing.

The total value of these new aircraft is estimated at 5.6 trillion dollars (£3.61 trillion).


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