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'Drink-drive Wilkins out of order'


Ray Wilkins outside North Surrey Magistrates' Court in Staines

Ray Wilkins outside North Surrey Magistrates' Court in Staines


Ray Wilkins outside North Surrey Magistrates' Court in Staines

Former England and Chelsea footballer Ray Wilkins confessed he was a "villain" and "bang out of order" after he was held for drink-driving, a court has heard.

The 56-year-old was allegedly rude and abusive in custody where police conducted breath tests which revealed he was around three times over the legal limit.

But he claimed that he had drunk just two glasses of red wine before getting behind the wheel and insisted he had been sipping water "all evening" and "felt fine".

The Sky Sports pundit was stopped near his home in Cobham, Surrey, as he returned from an awards ceremony in his Jaguar XJ at 1.45am on May 7 last year. He was allegedly unable to stand and slurred his words before he was handcuffed and placed in the back of an unmarked patrol car where he "passed out" en route to a local police station.

Wilkins was questioned in custody but was unable to recall certain police procedures - including a request to remove his shoes.

North Surrey Magistrates' Court in Staines has seen CCTV footage which shows the pundit unleash a foul-mouthed tirade after officers insisted he gave breath samples before making a call to his wife.

Paul Lund, prosecuting, asked: "Do you remember the officer saying 'It's not going to help if you are rude and abusive'?" Wilkins replied: "I don't remember that".

The prosecutor said: "Do you remember saying the following words 'I'm bang out of order'?" Wilkins answered: "That's something I would say if I said something of that ilk". But he claimed he had no memory of making the remark.

"You say you weren't bang out of order for being abusive," Mr Lund said. He added: "You were arrested for drink-driving, you say 'I'm a villain, I'm bang out of order'. I will admit that."

Wilkins rejected the accusation. He denies drink-driving. The case continues.