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DUP's Gavin Robinson slams bid to ban Donald Trump from UK


'Ridiculous': Donald Trump

'Ridiculous': Donald Trump

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'Ridiculous': Donald Trump

Labour MPs should not call for Donald Trump to be banned from the UK when Jeremy Corbyn has given "succour to terrorists" in the UK, the House of Commons has heard.

The DUP's Gavin Robinson criticised the Labour leader and shadow chancellor John McDonnell for having "supported the IRA murdering citizens" for 30 years.

The MP for East Belfast said he wanted to set out clearly the difference between "ridiculous xenophobe" Mr Trump for erring in political ideology and Mr Corbyn, who he claimed supported terrorists.

Mr Robinson also criticised Mr Corbyn for noting governments in the Middle East were already "in touch" with so-called Islamic State, also known as Daesh, which he compared to the "back channel" that existed between the British government and the IRA during the Troubles.

He made the remarks as he spoke against banning US Republican presidential candidate hopeful Mr Trump from the UK.

Mr Robinson told a parliamentary debate: "I want to see Donald Trump come to this country and either be grilled by Members of Parliament or grilled by Andrew Neil or grilled by those great interrogators we have within the public discourse in this country.

"Let him leave this country feeling, actually there are better principles than what he has politically outlined so far."

He added: "I think it's important that I do reflect today that we have a leader of the Opposition who is indicating it'd be appropriate to open back channels with Daesh. And yet we have members of the same party today saying we should exclude someone who politically has erred but who is not a terrorist.

"Back channels with Daesh for what? To reasonably negotiate with someone who will consider that negotiation in the context of whether they murder your wife or they rape her first before they cut off her head?"

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