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EastEnders gets its own undertaker

After more than 100 murders, suicides, accidents and fatal illnesses, Albert Square is finally getting its own undertaker with TV veteran Roger Sloman joining EastEnders.

The actor, who first appeared on screen as Les Coker in 2012 when he organised the funeral for Pat Evans, joins the cast full-time this month.

Viewers have already seen him recently arranging Nick Cotton's send-off and he will be joined by Lin Blakley, who is playing his wife Pam.

Sloman said: " It's hugely rewarding to be working alongside actors who I have a huge admiration for and have been a part of my life for so long. It is a thrill to play Les, who has so many different angles and is not a straightforward character. It is also a pleasure to be working alongside Lin Blakley."

He is likely to be busy in the coming months with plans for at least one other character - Lucy Beale - to be killed off already announced.

The show, often derided by critics for being depressing, began with a death when the soap started in 1985 with the discovery of the body of Reg Cox.

Executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins said: "Les and Pam are part of our plans to rejuvenate the show's older generation. It's already so exciting to watch the chemistry between Roger and Lin on set, playing characters who have been together for so long, they know each other inside out. Or so they think."


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