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Eric Bristow's Twitter comments 'damaging for victims'


Eric Bristow

Eric Bristow

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Eric Bristow

Eric Bristow's comments about football's sexual abuse scandal could discourage victims from coming forward, according to the founder of a survivors' charity.

The former darts world champion has been heavily criticised after calling footballers "wimps" on Twitter, adding: "Glad I am a dart player proper men."

Bristow has been dropped as a pundit by Sky Sports and will no longer be appearing at a Newcastle United darts event.

Duncan Craig, who founded Survivors Manchester to support men who have been abused, said: "Bristow's ill-educated views around male sexual abuse and around the silence of men is actually very damaging. Boys who have been sexually abused will often remain silent for many, many years - research shows us they will remain silent for in excess of 20 years - so there's a lot of pain and hurt that goes along with that silence.

"We're trying to get men to come forward and get the help they deserve. Making comments that survivors are weak, that they're not real men, is completely silencing."

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