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Eriksson wins apology from adviser

Former England football head coach Sven-Goran Eriksson today accepted an apology from a financial adviser he says "defrauded" him.

Mr Eriksson had sued Samir Khan claiming he had lost £10 million and that money had been "misappropriated".

And he had wanted Mr Khan "banged up" for breaching a court order made during that litigation, a judge heard.

But Mr Eriksson abandoned his attempt to have Mr Khan sent to prison for contempt of court after being given an apology at a High Court hearing in London.

Mr Khan told judge Mr Justice Peter Smith - in a statement read out by a lawyer - that he acknowledged breaching the order and was sorry.

The judge was told that Mr Eriksson's damages claim against Mr Khan - which Mr Khan disputed - had ended when Mr Khan was made bankrupt earlier this year.

But Mr Eriksson said Mr Khan was still in breach of a money-freezing order made during that litigation three years ago.

He said Mr Khan had wrongly spent more than £80,000 in breach of the order and was in contempt.

Mr Justice Peter Smith said he had sympathy for Mr Eriksson - a Swede who now manages in China.

"He has clearly lost a lot of money," said the judge. "It's his case he's been seriously defrauded. He is no doubt angry."

But the judge said proceedings had today concluded in a "sensible" fashion.

He said Mr Khan was bankrupt and Mr Eriksson was not now going to recover money through litigation.

And he questioned whether it would have been worth Mr Eriksson running up legal fees at a contempt hearing which might have ended with Mr Khan being jailed.


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