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EU reform 'not Mission Impossible'

David Cameron has dismissed claims he is facing "Mission Impossible" in his bid to reform the European Union, insisting he will have a powerful "mandate for change" if he is returned to power in the general election.

Attending his final EU summit in Brussels before polling day on May 7, the Prime Minister brushed off a warning by European Council President Donald Tusk that achieving the treaty changes he needs will be "almost mission impossible".

He said he is confident he will ultimately prevail, like Tom Cruise in the Mission Impossible films.

"If you watch any of his movies, Tom Cruise normally prevails in the end. He is a little bit smaller than me but I hope to be just as effective," he said.

"The point is that if I come back after the next election I will have a mandate and a mandate to deliver change in Europe. That mandate will be very powerful.

"If you have a mandate for change I think that that mandate will be taken seriously, those changes will be achievable and it is very, very important for the country that we do that."


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