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EuroMillions to cost 50p more to play in National Lottery shake-up

By Josie Clarke

The cost of playing EuroMillions is to increase to £2.50 a line.

In addition, players must choose from an extra number under changes that will decrease the odds of winning the jackpot but promise bigger prizes and double the number of UK millionaires.

Camelot, one of the 10 operators of the European-wide game, announced the price of a line will go up by 50p to £2.50 from September to "reflect all of the community-wide and UK-only enhancements" and up to €2.50 elsewhere.

Players will still pick five main numbers from one to 50 and two lucky stars, now from one to 12 rather than 11.

The extra lucky star will lessen the chance of winning the jackpot from one in 117 million currently to one in 140 million, but Camelot said the overall odds of winning any prize on Euromillions remained at 1 in 13.

Camelot said the changes would bring bigger jackpots more often with higher starting figures of £14m.

There would also be bigger promotional draws offering jackpots of around £100m, and new "must-be-won" European Millionaire Maker events, the first of which is expected to take place at the end of October with the creation of 25 extra millionaires.

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