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Europeans more likely to 'use all holiday allowance' than workers in US and Asia

Workers across Europe, including the UK, take all their holiday allowance, unlike people in the United States and Asia who often leave days unused, a study has shown.

Research by travel firm Expedia revealed that workers in Brazil, Finland, France, Germany and Spain are given and take 30 days holiday.

In comparison, workers in South Korea only take six of 15 days' leave, Japanese people take 12 of their 20 days and those in the United States take 11 of 15 days.

Every worker in the UK takes the 25 days a year they are entitled to, said the report.

Andy Washington, of Expedia, said: "We continue to find that Europe's attitude towards taking time off are much different than in North America and Asia.

"A healthy work-life balance is beneficial to employers and employees, with many returning to work feeling rested and more focused."


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