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Evidence ignored - Kercher killer

Meredith Kercher's killer Raffaele Sollecito has insisted crucial evidence was ignored as he again protested his innocence.

Sollecito and former girlfriend Amanda Knox were reconvicted of murdering the 21-year-old in the Italian town of Perugia in 2007 last month following a second trial.

But courts failed to properly examine evidence from a bloody footprint found at the murder scene, he claims.

"The investigators, the judges, they never cared about it," he told the BBC.

"I already showed that to the courts, that I have a problem with my second toe. So my footprint is completely different from the footprint that they found on the bathmat.

"This footprint that they found is half (a print) so they cannot really say how big was that foot.

"It doesn't match my foot, it's not mine, and I never put my foot inside the blood."

He added: "I cannot understand why they are still on me when I have really nothing, any motivation, to be a participant inside this murder.

"I'm completely out of place. I had nothing against Meredith. I was living a very happy life. I felt the need of nothing, I had everything."

Last month Knox, who did not attend her second trial, was sentenced to 28 years and six months while Sollecito was jailed for 25 years.

The pair were originally found guilty of murder in 2009, and were handed jail terms totalling more than 50 years before being cleared two years later. The appeal court went on to order a fresh trial in March last year.


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