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‘Evil’ hotel worker pleads guilty to murdering school teacher with hammer

Lucian Stinci took cocaine and a Viagra-like drug as he watched extreme pornography for six hours before carrying out the attack.

An “evil” hotel worker has admitted battering a primary school teacher to death with a hammer after becoming obsessed with her.

Lucian Stinci, 34, took cocaine and a Viagra-like drug as he watched extreme pornography for six hours before carrying out the attack on Florina Pastina, 36, at the home they shared in Croydon, south London.

He then used the same hammer to attack her niece and nephew, twins Nicholas Hellen and Claudia Pastina, both 25, on July 19 last year.

Police said Stinci became “obsessed” with Ms Pastina, who worked in a school in Thornton Heath, but she showed no interest in him.

He was hooked on sadomasochistic porn and had previously filmed his victim in the shower using a spy camera.

36-year-old Florina Pastina died after she was attacked with a hammer at a residential address in Croydon (Metropolitan Police/PA)

Police found seven videos of his victim on a computer hard drive, while on the night before the killing Stinci had trawled the web for videos showing women being “tortured, raped, restrained and killed”.

After the murder, police found Valentine’s and birthday cards from him in the victim’s room.

One read: “For the most beautiful creature in the universe.”

Stinci, who was working as a supervisor for Mayday Hotels in Croydon, having come to the UK from Romania about 10 years ago, appeared at the Old Bailey on Friday sporting a light beard and glasses.

He spoke to confirm his identity before pleading guilty to murdering Ms Pastina, who was also from Romania.

Stinci also admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm, unlawful wounding and possession of the Class A drug cocaine.

His actions have taken away a shining star within the community Detective Chief Inspector Noel McHugh

The Common Sergeant of London, Judge Richard Marks QC, adjourned sentencing until later on Friday or a later date.

Scotland Yard’s Detective Chief Inspector Noel McHugh said: “Through this investigation we’ve got to know two people, Lucian Stinci an evil, wicked man.

“He was obsessed with Florina, but she had no interest in him. Having taken drugs and watched a significant amount of sado-masochistic videos and then subjected defenceless Florina to a sustained, savage attack. His actions have taken away a shining star within the community.

“Florina will always be remembered by those who knew her as a truly amazing young woman, who had such a promising future. She was described as such a talented teacher, who positively shaped the futures of her pupils.”

A statement from children and colleagues from the victim’s school said: “We were all extremely saddened to lose Florina in such a sudden and violent way last summer. At a time when we were all, including Florina, looking forward to the holidays, instead we received news of her death.

“This has had a significant impact on the children, families and staff at the school. I hope that now we can begin to remember her for the kind, caring teacher and person that she was.”

Her brother added: “Florina had the ability to make everyone she met, feel special and you would remember her amazing smile.

“Florina sparkled as a brilliant teacher and had such a promising future and everything to live for; now she has been so cruelly taken from us, we know that she is the ‘Florian Star’ shining bright looking after us. We love you.”


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