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Evolution of digestive biscuit on show in adverts through the ages

National Biscuit Day marks the 125th anniversary of the digestive.

Decades of adverts for digestive biscuits have been published, showing how social trends have changed over the years.


McVitie’s created its popular biscuit in 1892, with its earliest adverts highlighting how “nourishing” it was, with later ones featuring young children.


Actress Jane Asher appeared in adverts in the 1990s, while the latest ones use Corgi puppies.


The adverts were published on National Biscuit Day, marking the 125th anniversary of the digestive.


Kerry Owens, McVitie’s marketing director, said: “Original McVitie’s Digestives have truly stood the test of time and remain one of the UK’s favourite biscuits even 125 years on.


“We’re delighted to reveal this fascinating collection of adverts through the ages, which not only offers an intriguing insight into British culture, but also the original McVitie’s digestives strong prominence in British culture through the ages and our long-standing British heritage that we’re all extremely proud of.”



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