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Ex-England striker Stan Collymore joins SNP in protest at Syria bombing

Former England footballer Stan Collymore has joined the SNP after the party strongly opposed UK air strikes on Syria.

The ex-Liverpool player took to social media to tell his 749,000 followers that Labour MPs who had voted in favour of military action against Islamic State (IS) made him "feel sick".

MPs last night voted by 397 to 223 in favour of the action, with 66 Labour MPs voting with the Government.

All SNP MPs voted against, with the party's Westminster leader Angus Robertson arguing that the case for air strikes by the UK had not been made.

Collymore said on Twitter that he had "marched, paid my subs money and voted" for the Labour Party.

He stated "Only rejoined Labour a couple of months ago. Have to cancel again now. Can an Englishman join the SNP?"

He then tweeted a screenshot of an email from org thanking him for his payment to the party.

Collymore said: "Done. No more Tories infiltrating the grand old party of working people any more. Time to change."

He told Twitter users: "Troll me all you like. I'm sure you'll all feel much safer in the next five years of terror alerts, homegrown radicalisation and Tube bombs."


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