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Expats 'miss countryside most'

The British countryside is the thing that expats miss most about their homeland, a survey has shown.

The study found that nearly half of those questioned (46%) said they longed for the rolling hills and ancient woodlands of the UK, with those who have made the desert landscape of the United Arab Emirates their new home missing it the most.

Coming in a close second was the British sense of humour, with 42% of the 1,034 expats questioned listing it among the things they missed most about the British way of life.

Nearly two thirds of Britons living in Germany (65%) said they missed British wit, followed by those in Canada (60%) and South Africa (54%).

The survey, which asked expats to name the three things they missed most, found that pubs were the third most popular (41%), with those living in Australia (51%) longing for them the most.

The least missed aspects of life in the UK were found to be politics and the weather, which both collected only 5% of expats' votes.

Despite these pangs for home, expats are generally positive about their new life overseas - with more than two thirds (68%) saying they are happier abroad.

Nicholas Boys Smith of Lloyds TSB International, which commissioned the survey, said: "Often you don't know what you've got till it's gone so it speaks glowingly of our countryside that expats around the world miss it so much.

"Many expats have an element of the adventurer about them, but they still long for certain aspects of British life that some people here might take for granted.

"An overwhelming majority are happy with their life overseas, but the British countryside, as well as our sense of humour and the great British pub, are all things that they miss abroad."


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