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Families 'turning riot suspects in'

The disgusted family and friends of those wanted in connection with riots and looting are increasingly turning in suspects to face justice, police say.

Courts, which have been sitting through the night since the violence subsided, continued to plough through dozens of cases on Saturday and some are expected to even sit for their first ever Sunday sessions, a move which the Ministry of Justice said is "unprecedented".

Police have issued further pictures of those wanted for questioning about thefts and violence during four nights of trouble across England.

Scotland Yard said they had received an "encouraging" response to appeals and have arrested 1,271 people, of whom 745 have been charged.

Greater Manchester Police said they had been "inundated" with tip-offs in response to their "Shop A Looter" campaign.

Pictures of suspected rioters have been displayed on huge advertising vans being driven around Manchester and neighbouring Salford, where hundreds took part in disorder earlier this week.

One youth handed himself in after a friend who saw his picture told him he had no place to hide, a spokesman said.

West Midlands Police have also posted suspects' pictures on a mobile screen in Birmingham city centre, and Detective Chief Inspector Steven Reed said officers are "making arrests around the clock".

He added: "It's also encouraging offenders themselves are coming forward to admit their actions were unacceptable, and responsible parents who suspect their children may have been involved are also taking positive action."

A woman from Handsworth, Birmingham, was said to have escorted her 15-year-old daughter to a police station after recognising her image in a CCTV media appeal. That echoed the actions of Adrienne Ives who reported her 18-year-old daughter Chelsea, a former Waltham Forest Council youth Olympic ambassador, after apparently seeing her on TV coverage of the riots in London.


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