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Father caused "terrible injuries"

A young father killed his baby daughter causing her "numerous and terrible injuries", a court heard today.

Lithuanian Aurimas Medvedevas, 23, is on trial at the Old Bailey accused of murdering two-month-old Aukse while her mother was at work on September 5 last year.

The 22-year-old agency worker Dzesika Urbikaite returned to their Peterborough home that night to find her daughter dead in her cot, the court heard.

Prosecutor Karim Khalil QC said: "Dzesika went upstairs and put on a light to see Aukse in her cot. She thought she saw a white dotted blanket over Aukse but she then realised that she was actually looking at her baby's face - Aukse was dotted, white and pink."

Medvedevas denied doing anything to the baby but the mother exclaimed: "She's dead. She's cold. She's not breathing," jurors were told.

There were signs of injuries to Aukse's body including burst blood vessels on the top of her head; a mark under an eye; a cut on her nose and other signs of bruising, the court was told.

Her mother rushed into Peterborough General Hospital carrying Aukse in her arms and shouting that her baby had died. But despite attempts to resuscitate her, she was pronounced dead at 11.28pm that night.

Opening the case against Medvedevas, Mr Khalil the jury: "He admits that he did cause his baby's death but he denies that he intended to kill her or to cause her really serious harm.

"We say that the evidence of the numerous and terrible injuries that he inflicted on baby Aukse will leave you in no doubt that he must have intended either to kill her or to cause her really serious harm."

In the months leading up to the baby's death, the defendant's behaviour had changed and he had appeared anxious and had trouble sleeping, the court heard

On one occasion after Aukse was born in June last year, he got into a drunken fight with another man and Miss Urbikaite noticed a "red mist" descend on him for about 15 minutes, jurors were told.

And the day before Aukse's death, her mother found scratches and bruises on her baby's body after she was left in the defendant's care for a few hours.

When she demanded an explanation for the marks, Medvedevas dismissed her concerns saying: "Yeah yeah, whatever, you'll be saying her brain is falling out next," the jury was told.

On the day of the fatal assault, her mother had left for work at 1.30pm. She cycled home at about 10.30pm to find the house in darkness with the television on in the sitting room.

She knocked on the door to be let in the house and when there was no answer, she borrowed a mobile phone to call Medvedevas.

The defendant eventually answered the door looking sleepy, the court heard. Chatting on the doorstep and smoking a cigarette, he told her the baby was sleeping and assured her she was fine jurors were told. But as soon as Miss Urbikaite saw her in her cot, she realised her baby was hurt.

As they dashed to the hospital in a car driven by a lodger, the defendant was distant and offered no explanation for what had happened, the court heard.

Medvedevas, of Clifton Avenue, Peterborough, denies murder. But the prosecutor said he had changed his story "very dramatically" over time in "attempts to avoid the consequences of what he did".

The trial was adjourned until tomorrow.


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