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Father slammed over welfare 'abuse'

An unemployed 25-year-old who is reported to have fathered eight children with eight different women resulting in a potentially massive benefits bill has been held up as an example of a "disgusting abuse" of the welfare system.

Keith Macdonald, 25, from Washington, near Sunderland, has been labelled as Britain's worst father.

According to reports, he has fathered eight children and has two more on the way.

Some estimates put the benefits bill for his brood - none of whom live with him - at the £1.5 million mark for the period until they are all 18.

Mr Macdonald's lifestyle was criticised by groups monitoring welfare spending.

Matthew Sinclair, the director of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: "Taxpayers will be furious that their money is being spent supporting one man to have so many children, with so many different women, without any apparent attempt to provide for them himself.

"This is a disgusting abuse of a benefits system that is supposed to look after those who have genuinely fallen on hard times.

"It is shocking that someone can be so indifferent to their responsibilities."

According to reports, Mr Macdonald pays £5 a week from his Incapacity Benefit towards his children's upbringing.


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