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Father visits missing chef's home

The father of missing chef Claudia Lawrence has made an emotional visit to her home for the first time since she vanished

Peter Lawrence recently visited her house in Heworth, York, for the first time since March 20 2009 when he went in and discovered she was not there.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Sunday programme, Mr Lawrence said, "It was a strange, numbing experience.

"But it's still Claudia's house even down to there being dirty plates in the sink and washing still in the machine. It is in a bit of a time warp."

Meanwhile, detectives investigating the suspected murder of Miss Lawrence have received 20 calls from the public following the screening of a documentary on Friday evening on Channel 4 about her disappearance.

None of the calls have provided any new information to the investigation team, however the phone line remains open and anyone with any information is urged to call in, on 01609 768181.

Miss Lawrence, who was 35 at the time of her disappearance, was last seen walking close to her Heworth Road home in York on the afternoon of March 18 last year. She worked as a chef at the University of York.

Police have announced that the inquiry is being scaled down.


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