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'Fertile' woman demands bigger home

An unemployed couple who claim they had six children because the mother is "super-fertile" have demanded to be moved out of their one-bedroom council flat.

Maggie Flisher and husband Gavin say they have tried using condoms, contraceptive injections, implants and the pill since the birth of their first child eight years ago.

They are now asking Maidstone Council in Kent to move them from the cramped apartment they currently share to a four-bedroom property after having twins in April.

Mrs Flisher, 26, claims she cannot work because of depression and that her husband stays at home to help care for the children. The couple dispute reports that they get £27,000 in benefits every year.

Their three eldest children - Lacieann, eight, Elektra, six, and Gavin Jr, five - sleep in the flat's only bedroom. Two-year-old Lilyrose sleeps with her mother alongside the cribs of three-month-old twins Martinjames and Paris Nicola. Mr Flisher, 30, sleeps wherever he can.

Mrs Flisher told ITV Daybreak: "It's unbelievable - sometimes I can't even find their school shoes. I tell them to put them down in one place and I can't find them in the morning.

"When I had Lacieann I tried to get moved out of here into a bigger property and I tried it with GJ (Gavin Jr) and when I had Lilyrose and they were like 'Yeah, we'll move you, we'll move you' and nothing came of it. Four years now I've been bidding, I've been in a circle going round and round."

She said that after her first child was conceived without contraception she tried a range of methods but doctors told her that she is "really fertile" and do not know what to do to stop her having children.

A Maidstone Council spokeswoman said: "There are almost 100 applicants on the housing register who require a four-bedroom property. Following consultation with our applicants the register is now banded into four groups and applicants within each group are prioritised by date order, as most people said this was the fairest method.

"This family became a four-bedroom need in April this year and since that time, four properties with four bedrooms have become available through our partner housing associations, three of which this family could have bid on. The scheme relies on applicants bidding on their property of choice and last year 744 families were housed."


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