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Fire alarm disrupts Lorraine show


Lorraine Kelly's show was disrupted by a fire alarm

Lorraine Kelly's show was disrupted by a fire alarm

Lorraine Kelly's show was disrupted by a fire alarm

TV host Lorraine Kelly apologised to viewers this morning after her ITV show was pulled off air as a result of a fire alarm.

She and staff on the show had to file out of the studio at London's South Bank and the final few moments of the live edition of her Lorraine programme had to be replaced.

Kelly, who recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of her breakfast TV career, had been joined by guests such as Nadia Sawalha and Michelle Heaton on the show.

The presenter posted a message online to explain her absence.

She wrote: "So sorry. We had to evacuate the building. First time in 30 years."

Kelly was interrupted at around 9.10am when an announcement blared through the studio saying: "Your attention please, the building is being evacuated."

She told viewers she hoped to keep going as a piercing alarm rang out and eliminated X Factor contestant Stephanie Nala joined her on the show.

But as the interview began, Kelly admitted: "I'm not quite sure what is going on.

"I'm sorry about all this. It's live television - anything can happen," she added, before ITV bosses cut to an ad break and the programme was cut short, replaced by a documentary about the National Trust.

A spokeswoman for the programme said: "An alarm was raised within ITV this morning and the area was immediately evacuated. Once it had been investigated and deemed safe, people were able to re-enter the building."