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Fireman delivers baby in traffic jam

By Martha Linden

A firefighter turned midwife at the scene of a major blaze after learning his maternity ward skills watching the Channel 4 series One Born Every Minute.

Ross McLaren delivered Antoni Zimnicki, who weighed 4.16kg (9lb 2oz), after his mum Ewelina and dad Jaroslaw got stuck in traffic around two miles from the North Middlesex Hospital in north London because of the fire.

A spokesman for London Fire Brigade said Mr McLaren and colleague, Richard Hall, went into the car and that they could already see the baby's head at that stage.

"Ross said he knew what to do, as his wife is an avid viewer of One Born Every Minute.

"An ambulance was called and the baby was delivered at 11am."

Mr McLaren, who has been a firefighter for 15 years, said: "The husband was driving and was in a bit of a panic.

"We began to give the mum oxygen and to try and reassure her.

"While Richie (Mr Hall) carried on doing that, I ran round to where the baby was and kept telling the lady to push.

"Once he was born, we rubbed him down to get his circulation going and when he started crying, I knew it was going to be all right."

Mrs Zimnicka, who is now in hospital with her healthy newborn, said: "I was so surprised how quickly the baby arrived."

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