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First water cremation service in UK is put on hold

By Aine Fox

Plans to offer a new "water cremation" for the first time in the UK are on hold amid concerns about liquid remains of dead people making their way into the water system.

A council in the West Midlands has been granted planning permission to offer what it said is a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cremation.

Sandwell Council in Oldbury is working with British company Resomation to offer water cremation at Rowley Regis crematorium.

According to company founder Sandy Sullivan the waste water does not contain DNA from the dead person. His website explains: "The sterile liquid effluent is safely returned to the water cycle free from any traces of DNA."

Water UK is understood to be awaiting further government guidance, but said it was not convinced.

"It is the liquefied remains of the dead going into the water system. We don't think the public will like the idea," it said.

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