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Flirt night nerves for BB celebs

Celebrity Big Brother stars flirted, fell over and felt nervous about getting undressed after entering the house handcuffed in pairs.

Comic Jim Davidson and Linda Nolan of the Nolan Sisters were among the unlikely couples along with former N-Dubz star Dappy who was shackled to Daily Mail journalist Liz Jones, plus Apprentice runner-up Luisa Zissman and former world heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield.

Pop star Lee Ryan from boy band Blue was handcuffed to glamour model Casey Batchelor, Sam Faiers of The Only Way Is Essex was paired up with US actress Jasmine Waltz while Made In Chelsea's Ollie Locke and 82-year-old entertainer Lionel Blair were also handcuffed.

As the first couple in to the house Davidson and Nolan who were given the power to release one of the couples. They picked Dappy and Jones, with Davidson saying " both look a bit stressed".

The payback for the favour is that Dappy and Jones are now among three pairs who will face eviction from the show next Wednesday.

Dappy, who admits he is trying to repaint his bad boy image, fears he will be "hated" by the other housemates for being released from the handcuffs and admits to fancying "brunette" (Waltz), comparing her to Hollywood actress Megan Fox.

"That brunette in there, keep her away from me," he tells Big Brother in the diary room. "The brunette I'm talking about looks like Megan Fox with those succulent lips. Don't say it to her when she comes through the door because I'll be upset. "

He also says he has a soft spot for Jones because she is not like "certain journos this past year (who) have painted me out as a monster". He adds: "I'm far from it and she believes that too. Shout out to my sister Liz. She's like my big sister, puts me in my place and that. I don't want her to leave and I don't want to leave either".

On entering the house Jones turned told Ryan: "Hi Lee, I'm a big fan of yours." Then turning to Dappy, a pint-sized musician, she declared: "I feel like I'm standing next to Prince."

The feeling seems to be mutual as Jones later tells Big Brother: "I feel a bit bereft from Dappy. He is so sweet and he was like forced to be my friend. I was a bit upset that he was separated from me because I was really bonding with him.

"He's like a little meerkat and I love meerkats. I want to go to Meerkat World. He's just so sweet and affectionate and he's just like my new friend. I quite miss him really. I'm fond of him. I don't think people will vote Dappy out because he is so sweet. I think I've hooked myself up with someone quite popular."

A talk between Ryan and Batchelor about sharing a bed ends with the model telling the fair-haired pop star to "f*** off, I don't go for blondes babe", when she tries to tease him about having a crush on Waltz.

Batchelor insists that Ryan has "a little thing" for Waltz, which he denies only to be told that it is written all over his "pretty little face".

Zissman told Holyfield that she believed Lionel was singer Lionel Richie. She also tells the strapping ex-fighter who said he found being handcuffed "difficult" because you "can't be yourself" that he will " just have to take your trousers off, unbutton your shirt..." to get his pyjamas on .

Waltz has already been labelled as "wild" by Locke, both he and Blair look on as she falls over in the bedroom.

In another scene Faiers is becoming increasingly frustrated with Waltz who is refusing to go to bed.

Watz then climbs on top of Faiers in a provocative and suggestive manner who asks her to "be careful".

Blair tells Big Brother that he thinks that Faiers "is getting a bit tetchy".

Locke adds that "Jasmine is wild" while Blair also notes: "It's hard to be handcuffed to someone when they're not the same."


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