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Forgive riot attackers - student

The Malaysian student robbed by two thugs posing as Good Samaritans during the London riots has said he does not bear a grudge towards his attackers and people should forgive them.

Ashraf Rossli, 21, had been in Britain for a month when he was knocked to the ground, had his jaw broken and his bicycle stolen on a flyover in Barking during the unrest on August 8 last year.

Moments later, John Kafunda, 22, was caught on camera lifting him up and appearing to shepherd him from trouble.

However, within seconds he and Reece Donovan, 22, began rifling through Mr Rossli's rucksack as the victim's back was turned to them and robbed him of a PSP games console and 10 games worth £500.

The duo were caught after the footage was posted on YouTube and broadcast on news channels around the world, and they were unanimously convicted of robbery and violent disorder by a jury at Wood Green Crown Court on Friday.

Speaking at the Malaysian High Commission in central London on Monday, the slim-built student said he barely remembers what happened and just wants to get on with his life.

"I am not angry. The only thing I think about it is that I want to go on with my life. My jaw is healed now so there is no point worrying about them," he said.

"When you make some mistakes it is best to be punished but I want people to forgive them because when you put yourself in that situation you don't want to be judged by the same mistake your whole life.

"People make mistakes, so forgive them."

However, when asked if he wanted to see them behind bars he said: "If that's the possible outcome then yeah." He added: "I believe in the British judicial system, I believe in the judge and the decision made. It's fair enough."


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