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Former BBC actress wins family court battle over child

An actress has won a family court fight with an ex-partner over their child.

Deputy High Court Judge Alex Verdan had been told that the actress, who has worked for the BBC, lived in England and her former partner in Australia.

He heard that she had brought the child back to Britain after a trip to Australia earlier this year.

The man argued that the child was habitually resident in Australia.

And he complained that the actress had been wrong to take the child back to the UK.

But Judge Verdan, who analysed evidence over two days at a private hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London, disagreed.

The judge said he had concluded that the child had not been wrongfully removed from Australia by the actress.

He said he would detail reasons for his decision in the near future.

"I don't think that the child was habitually resident in Australia," said Judge Verdan.

"Therefore the mother's removal of him was not wrongful removal."

The judge has ruled that the people involved cannot be identified and that no detail of evidence aired at the hearing can be made public.

He is considering whether the actress and her ex-partner should be identified in his ruling on the case.

Lawyers mounted argument about whether identities should be revealed at the hearing.

Judge Verdan said he wanted to think before announcing his decision on the identification issue.

Both the actress and her former partner have been at the hearing.

The actress was represented at the hearing by barrister Edward Devereux and her former partner by Jacqueline Renton.

Jeremy Ford represented the interests of the child on behalf of the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service - which offers help to children caught up in family court litigation.

Greg Callus had represented journalists from newspapers including The Sun and The Times.


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