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Former MP Lembit Opik hospitalised after 'brutal' wrestling bout with Kade Callous

After leaving Parliament, MPs have wrestled with many things. But few have had a post-Westminster career as bonkers as that of Lembit Opik.

The Bangor-born former Liberal Democrat member lost his Montgomeryshire seat in the 2010 general election.

Since then he has failed as a stand-up comic, and has starred in a video for an obscure band.

And now he's been battered half-senseless in the ring.

The former fiance to both Welsh weather girl Sian Lloyd and one half of the cheeky girls was battered around the ring and pounded several times into the canvas by 18-stone professional wrestler Kade Callous.

He was eventually stretchered away by paramedics.

The bizarre bout happened at the weekend in Welshpool in Powys, Wales. In April, at the same venue, Mr Opik accused Mr Callous of cheating against opponent Lestyn Rees.

Saturday night's bout matched Rees and Opik against Callous and Bison Brody.

An audience member saidl: "He stood no chance, not at all. He looked so small next to his opponents. It was a tag team event but he took a battering - it was brutal to watch.

"He managed to get a couple of early blows away with the help of his team mate but there was no way the others were going to stand for that."

Another said: "He's tried so many things since politics. I think this is another failure. He obviously doesn't have a future in wrestling."

Latest fall elevates Opik to Eddie the Eagle status

By Andy McSmith

In the 1980s, there was a skier called Eddie the Eagle, who tried so hard and failed so often that the nation took to him as a heroic British failure. That suggests that there is hope yet for the former Lib Dem MP Lembit Opik.

Since losing his seat in 2010, Mr Opik has struggled to stay in the public eye, with each episode bringing failure in its wake. Once he was famous for stepping out with a woman barely half his age, the "Cheeky Girl" Gabriela Irimia, but the relationship ended in acrimony.

He tried stand-up comedy, the only role he has ever found in which no one laughed at him.

He appeared on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, but was the second contestant eliminated.

His latest disaster is the saddest yet. In April, Lembit stepped into the wrestling ring, dressed in a suit, with a professional wrestler called Kurt Callous. Later, he unwisely accused Mr Callous of cheating.

Over the weekend, our hero went back into the ring, more suitably dressed, for a second bout with Mr Callous. The crowd in Welshpool watched the stick-like ex-politician being swung through the air and hurled on the canvas.

As he lay in pain, the crowd shouted for more, but the compere pleaded for humanity until paramedics carried Opik off on a stretcher.

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