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Fresh attacks on Corbyn by Labour critics warning 'we can't go on like this'

Labour critics of leader Jeremy Corbyn have launched a fresh barrage, claiming he had failed to properly tackle David Cameron over the Budget.

Former frontbencher John Woodcock said "we can't go on like this", while fellow ex-shadow minister Angela Smith said the leader had "managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory" following Iain Duncan Smith's shock resignation from the Cabinet.

Mr Woodcock said supporters of the leader branding him "Judas" on Good Friday should realise "Jeremy is not the Messiah".

Writing on Twitter on Good Friday, the Barrow MP said "we can't go on like this - our loyalty should be to the people who desperately need a Labour govt."

He added that "c linging to belief we are on cusp of great breakthrough is unwittingly aiding and abetting the Tories".

In response to criticism from activists loyal to Mr Corbyn, Mr Woodcock said: "And to those saying I am a latter day Judas Iscariot on Good Friday. I hate to break it to you, but Jeremy is *not* the Messiah. Happy Easter."

Penistone and Stocksbridge MP Ms Smith told the Mirror: "If Corbyn is not prepared to buckle down and show proper leadership he should just go, and give us a chance to get a leader who can properly take on the Tories."

She mocked the leader for addressing the British Kebab Awards despite having failed to so far make a major intervention in the European Union referendum campaign, although Mr Corbyn is expected to make a speech on the subject after Easter.

"No statement of any significance has been made by Corbyn on the big issue of the moment - our membership of the EU," she said.

"And this week he has managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by letting Cameron and Osborne off the hook as far as their disastrous Budget is concerned."

The MP added: "We have a leader who appears more interested in talking about whether it's better to eat falafel, salad or kebabs than anything else."


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