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Fresh vote on future of Scotland 'inevitable'

By Lucinda Cameron

Former First Minister Alex Salmond has said that a second referendum on Scottish independence was "inevitable".

Mr Salmond said that three issues were driving the move towards a referendum - the Government's alleged refusal to deliver a vow on home rule, the European Union issue and austerity.

He said the country was getting "austerity to the max" instead of "devo to the max".

The MP for Gordon said: "I think a second independence referendum is inevitable. The question is not the inevitability, it's the timing.

"I can see three issues moving things towards a second referendum. One is the refusal to deliver the vow. The vow was about home rule, devo to the max, near federalism. That has not been delivered as yet.

"The second is Europe. If you had a situation where Scotland voted to stay in the European Union in the referendum but was dragged out on the votes of the people of England then that would be a material change of circumstance, and the third thing emerging of course comes out from the budget and the welfare bill which is austerity."

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