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Friday the 13th unlucky for boy (13) hit by lightning

Friday the 13th is often thought of as an unlucky day - and it lived up to its reputation for one youngster yesterday.

At precisely 13:13, a boy aged 13 was seen by the St John Ambulance team at Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival in Suffolk after he was struck by lightning, a spokesman said.

The boy suffered a minor burn and was taken to James Paget Hospital, where he is expected to make a full recovery.

Jason Gillingham, county ambulance officer and on scene at the show, said: "This was a very minor burn to the boy's shoulder, but he was conveyed to hospital and is recovering well.

"The incident proves what an important role St John Ambulance plays here at the show every year. We really do our bit to make a difference to the enormous number of people who are out enjoying their day... no matter what the weather, or the date."

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