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‘Friends’ ignore suicide plan posted on Facebook

The mother of a middle-aged woman who announced her intention to commit suicide to more than 1,000 of her Facebook friends has angrily demanded why not a single one of them came to her aid before she died.

Simone Back (42), from Brighton, took an overdose of pills on Christmas Day and posted a brief suicide note that evening expressing her intention to die.

Friends who lived outside the city urged others in Brighton to check on her, but the calls went unread or unheeded. Police found her the next day and she was pronounced dead in hospital.

Her 60-year-old mother, Jennifer Langridge, was only alerted to the Facebook message on Boxing Day afternoon, 17 hours after her daughter's original posting. She dialled 999 but when police broke into the flat, Ms Back was already unconscious.

“Nobody told me anything about it until the following day when I was sent a text saying: ‘get help',” Ms Langridge said. “It is upsetting to think nobody did anything for my daughter.”

Postings on Ms Back's Facebook page reveal that many of her friends did not take her suicide threats seriously because she had threatened to kill herself on previous occasions.

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