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'Full moon to bring on royal baby'

By Laura Elston

As the Duchess of Cambridge awaits her second child, some believe the onset of the full moon will play a part in the arrival.

There is anecdotal evidence that labour is influenced by the lunar cycle and a full moon, and the next one is on Monday.

When Kate gave birth last time on July 22, 2013, it was the day of a full moon. The suggestion is that the moon's gravitational pull affects the amniotic fluid in the same way it affects the seas.

Maddie McMahon, who has been a birthing doula for 12 years, said the deliveries she helps with often coincide with a full moon.

"It's certainly busier during one," she added. I did a tot-up last year and I found that 40% of my clients go into labour on a full moon or a new moon."

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