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Furore as Sky's Eamonn Holmes calls for electric fences in Calais crisis

By Claire McNeilly

Eamonn Holmes didn't hold back when he gave his view on daytime television on the current crisis in Calais.

The Northern Ireland presenter sparked a social media furore by calling for an electric fence to be put up to stop migrants storming the channel tunnel.

Known for not mincing his words, the outspoken 55-year-old demanded stronger action involving riot police, water cannon and electric fencing to resolve the problem during a discussion on This Morning.

"Why is everybody pussy-footing about this?", he said. "This could be stopped, surely. You send a few riot police, a few water cannon, you electrify the fences."

His frank question promoted several Twitter users to praise the ITV television co-host during a discussion with security expert Will Geddes and travel expert Frank Brehany.

"Well done @EamonnHolmes for speaking up for the British people, saying exactly what we are thinking. No wonder our country is in so much debt," one person said.

Another added: "Yes go @EamonnHolmes the issue is being pussyfooted around @itvthismorning #eamonforpm."

"I'm with @EamonnHolmes water canons #operationstack," wrote another.

One tweeted: "Good on Eamonn Holmes saying it how it is. Why don't immigrants stay in France? Cause France won't chuck money at them!! #benefitsbritain."

Later in the segment, his co-host and wife Ruth Langsford (below) stressed that many of the migrants must have a good reason for being desperate to get into the UK.

But her husband replied: "Does that mean you let them in?"

He later added: "You can stay in France and not be in fear of your life."

Prime Minister David Cameron has branded the ongoing crisis in Calais as "very concerning", but promised "we will do everything we can" to improve the situation.

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The Sky News presenter from Belfast is well known for making the headlines himself. Last week, This Morning viewers saw Holmes apparently flicking the V-sign at a cameraman in a live broadcast.

The father-of-four was left red faced when his gesture was accidentally captured during a segment about infidelity and quickly caught the attention of Twitter users.

Explaining the mistake, Holmes said it was a symbol used to ask producers to switch cameras and blamed the accident on the way the interview was filmed.

In February 2012, he asked a female sex addict why she hadn't turned to prostitution. In October 2011, he was criticised for telling a rape victim: 'I hope you take taxis now'.

That same month, he apologised to This Morning viewers after using the word 'retarded' to mock actor Jonathan Wilkes during a discussion on a poll which claimed a third of Britons don't know where London, Birmingham and Glasgow are on a map.

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