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Gang defends video of fox death

A gang which beat a fox to death before posting a video of the attack on the internet claims it was "performing a public service".

East London-based Urban Foxhunters, which describes itself as "a collective from Victoria Park who hate foxes", prompted disgust from animal welfare groups after posting the video on websites including Facebook.

The clip has now been removed but is reported to show them chasing the fox in Victoria Park then beating it to death with a cricket bat.

Writing on the group's blog one member, who calls himself Lone Horseman, claimed they drugged the foxes before killing them.

"For the record - when we kill these foxes they are dosed up with xanax, which if you haven't tried it is a trippy anti anxiety drug."

And he defended the group's actions, saying: "We will not be intimidated by the crazies.

"We are performing a public service which is a bit unpleasant but it has to be done to keep our streets safe. I have kids and I don't want them being bitten by a diseased vermin scum, what's wrong with that?"

Their attacks come after nine-month-old twins Isabella and Lola Koupparis were savaged by a fox in their home in Hackney, east London, on June 5.

The League Against Cruel Sports condemned the group's actions.

A spokesman said: "If the video is genuine, we are shocked but not particularly surprised that some people have reacted in this way to the hysterical media coverage on the extremely rare fox attack. People in Hackney are at far greater risk from people wielding cricket bats than they are from urban foxes."


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