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Gangland enforcer 'Mad' Frankie Fraser dies


Criminal career: Frankie Fraser

Criminal career: Frankie Fraser


Criminal career: Frankie Fraser

Gangster 'Mad' Frankie Fraser has died in hospital, a former associate has said.

The enforcer, who spent 42 years in prison, died following an operation on his leg at King's College Hospital in south London. He is believed to have been 90.

South London gangland boss Eddie Richardson said: "He's had a long life and I don't think he's done too bad. He had Alzheimer's for about three years, so I don't think he knew what day it was."

Over a criminal career spanning decades, the Fraser - also known as 'The Dentist' - earned a reputation for pulling out his rivals' teeth. In his heyday, word on the streets of London's East End was that Fraser carried a pair of pliers in his top pocket as a warning to the loose-lipped.

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