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Gardening tops pensioner hobby list

Pottering around the garden is a pensioner's favourite past time, according to a poll.

Thirty eight per cent of those over 65 said that gardening is the activity that gives them the most pleasure in life.

Going for walks is favoured by 28% of those questioned and one in every four enjoys reading the newspaper, according to Age UK.

The poll, conducted on 1,200 British people over the age of 65 to mark the charity's Living Your Way campaign - which aims to help older people stay independent for as long as possible - also found that chatting to friends and listening to the radio are popular activities.

"Having a positive attitude and being able to enjoy the little pleasures in life is really important for our well-being," said Age UK's charity director-general Michelle Mitchell.

"Whether it's enjoying being outdoors in the garden or listening to all that is on offer through the radio, we want help people to stay independent for as long as possible so they can make the most out of out of later life."

Other activities such as going for a quick drink or meet friends for tea and cake in the afternoon, going on day trips, being able to speak their mind, sharing wisdom with family and friends and getting little jobs or household chores out of the way also feature on the top 10 list of things that give over-65s the most pleasure.


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