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Gender gap for retirees 'set to grow'

By Vicky Shaw

Women retiring this year will be around £5,400 a year worse off than men finishing work in 2016, a report has found.

On average, women retiring in 2016 expect to have around £14,450 a year to live on - the highest figure for women retiring in any year since Prudential's annual survey started in 2008.

But while the situation for women is improving, the gender gap is also growing.

The gap between what female and male retirees expect to have as an annual income has increased by £600 over the last year.

On average, men retiring in 2016 expect to have an annual income of £19,850 to live on - £5,400 more than women retiring this year.

Despite the boost to men's retirement incomes, men retiring this year do not expect to have as much annual income as those retiring in 2008 and 2009, when the average man retiring in those years expected to have over £20,000.

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