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Gifts galore for William and Kate


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge watch the Calgary Stampede parade in western Canada

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge watch the Calgary Stampede parade in western Canada

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge watch the Calgary Stampede parade in western Canada

Buying a suitable gift for a future king who already has pretty much everything he needs is no easy feat.

But one imaginative individual came up with the perfect present for The Duke of Cambridge when he visited Australia last year - a jar of Vegemite.

The memento, the equivalent to Marmite in the UK, is among an extensive list of souvenirs given to Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge during their 2011 overseas tours.

Other unusual gifts included a Caribou antler, a pair of snow goggles and a dog toy, while there were more traditional presents such as books, DVDs and photographs.

William travelled to New Zealand and Australia between March 17-21 last year, returning with a cricket jacket, a selection of baseball caps, scented soaps and hand towels, Aboriginal craftwork and even earrings given to him by generous well-wishers. He was also presented with a collection of carved and inscribed building fragments from debris caused by an earthquake in Christchurch.

The couple were handed more souvenirs when they visited Canada and America between June 30 and July 10.

Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs presented the fashion-loving Duchess with three pairs of shoes, while the Minister of Alberta gave her a blue hat, according to the list published by Clarence House. She was also given a tartan fascinator, a peacock feather fascinator, a number of hand-made scarves and a haul of jewellery, including brooches and necklaces, to add to her bulging wardrobe.

Meanwhile, the Prince was given a flying helmet by the Royal Canadian Air Force, a knife by the Canadian Rangers Patrol Group, and a tartan waistcoat to match his wife's fascinator.

The couple also received a games board to keep them occupied in their spare time, two cowboy hats from the Mayor of the City of Calgary and mosquito traps from the country's Minister of Health. The general director of the Institut de Tourisme et d'Hotellerie gave the pair chef's jackets and four plates, while gifts from unnamed individuals included a fabric wall hanging, a bottle of icewine and champagne, a Caribou antler, snow goggles, a dragonfly brooch and a dog toy.

The gifts continued when they travelled over the border into the United States, with the Governor of California presenting the pair with an iPad and the Chief of Staff to the British Ambassador handing over a teddy bear.