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Gina Miller says £1bn for Northern Ireland 'not done deal' as DUP insists cash will come

The £1bn package secured by the DUP as part of its deal to support the Conservative government will require a vote in parliament for the funds be released.

This comes after a challenge from campaigner Gina Miller to the government questioning on what legal grounds the funds were being released.

Gina Miller previously took a successful legal challenge to ensure that parliamentary approval was required to start the Brexit process.

The government acknowledgement that a parliamentary vote would be required for the deal to go ahead was laid out in a legal letter to Ms Miller and the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain.

In the letter, the Treasury secretary said that the £1bn package would require parliamentary approval and that no timetable had been set for a vote on the issue.

Speaking on the BBC's Nolan Show, Ms Miller said: "This means it’s not a done deal and it is not a question of merely a formality."

She said, like all government spending, there would have to be the necessary scrutiny of where the money goes.

She also raised the possibility of a vote in parliament on the funding being defeated, with potential resistance coming from the Scottish Conservatives.

In response, a DUP spokesperson said: "This is not new or surprising. It is a mischievous process story. All government spending goes through appropriations processes. The package secured by DUP MPs for everyone in Northern Ireland will be delivered.

"This additional funding has been delayed due to unwillingness of Sinn Fein to form an executive. In the event of direct rule it will fall to the Chancellor and the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland to bring forward the funding through the parliamentary process as part of the Northern Ireland financial allocations. This will need to happen soon."

A Downing Street spokesman said: "All UK Government spending requires parliamentary authorisation - generally via the Estimates and Supplementary Estimates process. Our focus in Northern Ireland is on restoring powersharing."

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