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Gloria Hunniford voices support for 84-year-old fraud victim

By Aletha Adu

Gloria Hunniford has expressed her solidarity with an 84-year-old woman who lost all £90,000 of her life savings because fraudsters, who pretended to be Scotland Yard fraud squad officers, convinced her that they wanted to protect her accounts.

During the first episode of the new series Rip Off Britain, airing on BBC One today, Joyce Smith, from the North East, said the fraudsters constantly phoned her, giving her strict instructions on how to avoid the loss of her savings, but instead convinced her to make three separate transactions to them.

"I thought I was talking to the police, and I've always considered the police trustworthy," Ms Smith said.

Northern Ireland presenter Gloria recently revealed she herself had been a victim of bank fraud.

"This is a particularly upsetting story, and we're very grateful to Joyce for sharing it with us so that nobody else has to go through the same thing," she said.

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