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Goodger tells CBB of her love life

She has only spent a few days in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but reality TV star Lauren Goodger has already spilt the beans about her relationship with Mark Wright.

The former The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) star revealed the pair stayed together for more than a decade because of their sex life.

She opened up about her on-off relationship with Wright to ex-Geordie Shore star Ricci Guarnaccio while the pair took a dip in the swimming pool.

Goodger, 27, said that Wright preferred sex with her than with top models. She added: "That's why we were together for 12 years - our sex life kept us together. We fancied each other so much."

The former couple were engaged to be married, but their relationship broke down amid claims Wright, also 27, cheated on her. He is now engaged to ex-Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan.

While Goodger was lifting the lid on her love life, tensions were flaring elsewhere in the house on last night's show.

Many of the housemates rounded on Hollywood star Gary Busey for being rude, accusing him of constantly interrupting and "shushing" them.

Former Will & Grace star Leslie Jordan, 59, lost his temper when Busey told him off for laughing as he was telling an anecdote.

Jordan told a group of his fellow housemates: "He has got to go. F**k off Gary Busey. You say you shouldn't laugh. Let me tell you something, you are an old f**king has-been."

Meanwhile, former Strictly Come Dancing star James Jordan, 36, had earlier stepped in to calm down an argument between Busey and Kelly Brook's fiance David McIntosh.

But in a sign producers are concerned former Lethal Weapon star Busey, 70, risks being ostracised by his fellow celebrities because he is struggling to hear them properly, Big Brother asked James Jordan to look out for him.

During the diary room chat, Big Brother said: "Housemates must show care respect and understanding when dealing with housemates with needs different to their own."

Putting aside his own clashes with the ageing Hollywood star, Jordan agreed to keep and eye out for Busey.


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