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Gordon Brown is hailed as the man who saved United Kingdom

By Adrian Rutherford

It is being hailed as the speech which helped save the Union.

Gordon Brown's barnstorming eve-of-poll plea to Scots revealed a fiery passion rarely seen during his ill-fated term as Prime Minister.

In the final hours of the campaign, his dramatic intervention reinvigorated a thus far lacklustre campaign by the No side. Speaking without notes, his voice shaking with emotion, Mr Brown warned Alex Salmond that Scotland did not belong to him, declaring: "Scotland belongs to all of us."

The speech, which many are viewing as a pivotal moment in holding off the Yes side's late charge, came during a visit to Glasgow on Wednesday.

In a direct challenge to Mr Salmond's claim that voting Yes was the patriotic thing to do, Mr Brown said: "Tell the nationalists, it's not their flag, their culture, their country or their streets.

"Tell them it's everyone's flag, everyone's culture, everyone's country and everyone's streets.

"And tell them that our patriotic vision is bigger than nationalism; we want Scotland not leaving the UK, but leading the UK, and through leading the UK, leading in the world."

Yesterday some pro-Union supporters in Edinburgh identified Brown's emotion-charged rallying cry as the point that the momentum turned.

So, too, another defining moment, 48 hours before Scotland went to the polls, on Tuesday.

In an open letter, David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg pledged sweeping new powers for the Scottish parliament if its people rejected independence.

The three also said the UK should "share our resources equitably" and gave a commitment to preserve the Treasury's block grant to Holyrood.

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