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Gove aims to tackle bully behaviour

Cyberbullying needs to be tackled but is fundamentally based in problems of discipline and intolerance, Education Secretary Michael Gove has said.

Mr Gove said technology companies had to take responsibility for what is posted on their platforms and should be named and shamed where they behave badly.

But, speaking after a speech at the Conservative's London headquarters, he said it was not all about the technology.

Mr Gove said: "(Cyberbullying) is a huge problem. One of the things we can do is we can use effective publicity to shame those who are allowing that sort of activity to exist on site.

"But I do think we need to ask a series of questions, not just about how this technology could be used in order to inflict suffering on vulnerable young people, but we also need to ask about the motivation of those young people who are themselves using these sites.

"One of the questions we have to ask is why is it, amongst some young people, there is a desire to show a degree of viciousness, a degree of cruelty, which is horrendous and part of that comes from having the right behaviour and discipline in schools and we teach our children the right values.

"One of those values is not just tolerance of difference but respect for other human beings.

"It's certainly the case the internet creates a new arena where bullying can take place but at its heart when it comes to tackling bullying, it's not just fixing the technology it's fixing what's in people's hearts."


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