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Greening to oppose rail bonuses

The Transport Secretary is to vote against bonuses for top Network Rail executives at the firm's AGM this week, she revealed.

But Justine Greening told the BBC Sunday Politics programme the Government has only a single vote and cannot compel rail bosses not to pay the bonuses. About 80 members can vote on the board and the result will be advisory only.

Labour called last week for the Government to use its place on the Network Rail board after it emerged chief executive Sir David Higgins could be in line for a £340,000 payout.

Ms Greening told the programme: "I'm going to go to the meeting next Friday, I'm going to vote against them.

"I won't be able to stop it from going through. The governance structure that the last Government set up means I can go and vote against it. The problem we have got is that won't actually change the result.

"The other problem we have got is that the members can vote against the bonus package but at the end of the day, their vote is only advisory."

The Secretary of State for Transport has never attended the meeting before but a spokesman for the DfT said it would send a "very clear signal" about the Government's opposition to the bonuses.


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