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Hacker uses Jeremy Corbyn's Twitter account to insult Cameron

By James Tapsfield

Jeremy Corbyn's Twitter account appears to have been hijacked by a hacker who used it to brand the Prime Minister "a pie".

The Labour leader's account appeared to be infiltrated shortly after 9pm last night, when it started broadcasting a series of bizarre messages.

In one post the hacker poked fun at Mr Corbyn's well-known opposition to Trident, Britain's nuclear missile programme, by writing: "F*** trident".

And in another they mocked Prime Minister David Cameron by writing: "davey cameron is a pie".

And another message to the Labour leader's 384,000 followers started: "Here we f***ing go!!!"

Mr Corbyn's team quickly regained control of the @jeremycorbyn account and deleted the offending tweets.

"At least they weren't subtle," a source said.

Twitter users reacted quickly. Cipher Almasy wrote: "How is Jeremy Corbyn going to secure this great nation when he can't even secure his twitter?"

Comedian Stephen Grant wrote: "If someone *hasn't* hacked @jeremycorbyn's account, this is a bold new direction."

Meanwhile, Noel Gallagher has dismissed Mr Corbyn's brand of politics as "communism" - but insisted he would never vote Tory.

The former Oasis star, who famously endorsed New Labour as they swept to power in 1997, says Tony Blair's years in opposition were "amazing" but admitted he was left disappointed by their record in office. Asked in the Sunday Times Style Magazine what he thinks of Mr Corbyn, he said: "I don't like communism."

But he added: "I could never vote Tory because some invisible force field would stop me from putting my vote in the ballot box." He said: "Speaking as somebody from the left, I thought the New Labour years, coming up to 1997, were amazing.

"But then, the Labour Party proved themselves to be 'Meet the new boss, same as the old boss', and until that changes, I'm not having it. The Tories don't care about the vulnerable, and the communists don't care about the aspirational."

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